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At 911 Rooter, LTD., we are the plumbing pros! We have the experience and training to do the job right every time. We are happy to help you get through plumbing emergencies. The services we offer can help you avoid emergencies altogether.

Our crucial plumbing services range from water leak detection and drain cleaning to sewer line repair and bathroom remodelling. We are prepared to assist you in plumbing units of all makes and models. It would be a pleasure to become your North Vancouver plumber. Call us today and see why everyone is choosing us for their plumbing needs!

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What benefits does water leak detection services have?

You can take proactive action for your plumbing system. Water leak detection has numerous benefits that can keep your drainage and pipeline system running efficiently all year round. Some advantages to consider are:

Helps you discover leaks and prevent emergencies. Severe leaks can lead to burst pipes, which can cause a tremendous amount of damage and inconvenience. Water leak detection can help avert this kind of emergency.

Protects your budget. When a small leak is detected in time, it will help eliminate further damage to your home. When a leak is left unattended, it can result in costly expenses to repair not just the pipelines, but also the water damage it left in your home.

Renews your confidence in your plumbing system. Knowing your pipelines are in working order helps eliminate the anxiety of knowing whether or not a problem can arise.

Do you need professional drain cleaning?

Many homeowners are not aware how beneficial a professional drain cleaning it is. It can help restore your drains back to a new like state and reduce the probability of clogs. However, when will you know it is absolutely necessary?

The first step is to ask yourself,

Is my sink or tub "stopped up?"

Are my drains constantly clogged?

Can I look down my drain and see disgusting gunk?

Does my drain emit any foul odours?

If you answered yes to any of the above question, it is wise to invest in a professional drain cleaning. Call us and we can help alleviate any drainage issues you're experiencing.

When will you know you need to repair or replace your water heater?

We can help you decide if your water heater needs repair or replacement. Be mindful of the signs when your unit needs repairs:

Leaks. If you see water around your unit, then you may have a leak. Leaks need to be repaired immediately to avert any further complications.

Rust. If you see rust when you run your hot water, repairs are in order.

No hot water. If you experience little to no hot water, there is a malfunction occurring with your unit. This needs to be remedied right away.

Be mindful of the signs when your unit needs replacement:

Age of unit. A unit older than 15 years should be replaced. If it hasn't reached the end of its lifespan, it will soon.

High utility bills. Does your unit have an Energy Star label? If not, you can save money on your utility costs with a newer, more energy efficient water heater.

Insufficient supply of hot water. If your hot water runs out too fast and increasing your water heater's thermostat has not improved the situation, a replacement may be necessary. We can replace your current unit with a high-capacity water heater that better serves your hot-water needs.

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