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Vancouver Repiping Services

Are your pipes older than 20 years? Have you heard about PEX pipes, the latest in piping technology? If you're considering repiping your home, we can help! We have the expertise and top of the line equipment to combat all of your repiping needs. We give free estimates! Call us at (604) 828 8000 today. Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

Have you been noticing reduced water pressure over the last few months, at your home?


Have you seen water leaks at unusual places?

These are signs that your plumbing system may need a partial or complete repiping. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area or in a surrounding region, then 911 Rooter will have you covered, with our skilled and experienced plumbers.

Top quality work

Over the years, we have completed repiping projects for hundreds of households in Vancouver, and many commercial properties. Some of these have been simple, while others big and complex, which means we have built up a lot of expertise with re-piping.

  • We employ highly qualified and certified plumbers for your repiping
  • They are trained to meet our high quality standards
  • We only use high quality materials for plumbing and fitting
  • We provide safe warranties for our service, so you can rest assured

When do you replace pipes?

As a homeowner, it might be confusing to know if your home needs repiping. This depends on many factors including:

  • The quality of your existing piping
  • The pressure levels at each water outlet in your home
  • Presence or absence of leakage

The kind of repiping we do for your home will mostly depend on the cause of the problem. Sometimes, the pipes rust out slowly, which means that they need to be replaced completely. At other times, there may be a leak at the center of the pipes or at one of the joints. When this happens, we may replace only those pipes that need replacing.

Decreased pressure levels call for a complete repiping of your system. However, this is not as daunting as it may sound at the beginning. No repiping job is too big for our plumbers, as we have successfully worked with many commercial as well as residential systems before.

Deciding when you need to repipe

Although you might find it difficult tell when you need to undertake repiping, we give you some tell-tale indicating signs.

When the water coming out of your outlets is to slow, the usual reason is that there is either a leak in one of the pipes, or they have widened from inside. Widening happens when the pipes rust on the inside. Usually this happens only after 10 or 20 years with copper pipes.

When this happens, we recommend a complete repipe to our customers. Call 911 Rooter for a repiping if your plumbing system, especially if it is more than 20 years old.

If you notice leaks at more than one joint in your home, you may need a complete repipe. This is because when more two or more pipes leak, there is a great chance that the others will follow. On the other hand, if there is a single pipe leak, we will only recommend you replace a single pipe.

PEX and copper piping

For many of our piping projects, we use PEX pipes rather than traditional copper ones. PEX is similar to PVC. We prefer this material for our customers because:

  • It is made of plastic and presents fewer problems
  • It is much cheaper than a full copper repiping

That being said, PEX is not as durable as copper, so we only use copper piping for outdoor fixtures. Our plumbers will only choose the most appropriate material for the job, so you won’t spend more money than required to have a first rate, high quality plumbing system for your property.

If your home in the Metro Vancouver area needs repiping, or if you suspect that there is a problem, contact us at 911 Rooter. Our plumbers will reach you in no time.

If you suspect your home needs repiping, call us today at (604) 828 8000 for immediate service!