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Whether you are looking to do a complete overhaul of your bathroom or just looking for ways to fix a plumbing problem, you need the expertise of a qualified professional plumber. We at 911 rooter, LTD. believe it is important to make our customers aware of their options when it comes to changing up or fixing a bathroom.

If you are considering any type of bathroom project, you'll want to consider the common types of bathtubs, reasons you may need a new tub, and the possibility of installing a shower. Whatever you decide, we can help. Count on us to take care of all of your Vancouver shower and tub services today. We promise your 100% satisfaction.

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What are the different types of bathtubs?

Many individuals are unaware of the different types of bathtubs that are available to them. In reality, there are multiple different styles and arrangements, but the three common types are the alcove tub, corner tubs, and free-standing bathtubs.

Alcove bathtub. This type of bathtub is one of the most common. It is typically considered the most cost effective and also saves on space. Generally situated in a three-walled enclosure, these tubs are installed against a back or sidewall and are finished on either end with a wall or cabinet unit.

Corner tub. Corner tubs are typically on the pricier end of bathroom installs; however, they add a luxurious feeling to any bathroom. This style, just like it sounds, is situated in the corner of a room. Just as these bathtubs are more expensive, they also take up more floor space and generally require more water. The luxury that this style affords is something few homeowners can pass up.

Free- standing tub. Free-standing tubs are stand-alone bath units that many homeowners dream of owning. They can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom without needing a wall. One drawback of this style is exposed plumbing that can be difficult to incorporate in a décor design.

Do you need a new tub?

Depending on the state of your bathroom, you may have a few different reasons for purchasing a new bathtub. One of the most common reasons for purchasing a new bathtub is aesthetics; however, a new bathtub purchase can also:

Help you alleviate plumbing issues.

Maximize space in a cramped bathroom.

Enhance the appeal of your existing bathroom design.

What are the different types of showers?

If you are considering a bathroom overhaul, you may also want to consider your shower options. While most people are not aware of the different types of showers, the three most common types are electric, power, and mixer showers.

Electric. Electric showers provide hot water on demand by simply heating cold water from the cold supply. The pressure available from your cold water mains supply limits the water pressure in these units.

Power. Power showers help increase your water pressure by utilizing a connected pump to the shower and water supply. One drawback of these systems is that they are likely to boost your water usage and bill if your property is metered.

Mixer. A mixer shower offers the most "customized" water temperature as it mixes hot water from your heating system and cold water from your mains supply. When choosing a mixer shower, it is important to select the right type for your water system.

With so many options available and such a great variety of factors to consider, our professional plumbers can help you through the specifics of bathroom remodels. We at 911 rooter and Drainage, LTD. would be glad to help. Call us at (604) 828 8000 today!