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Water is essential for the life of almost every living thing on Earth. However, water left unchecked is a powerful force that can cause a lot of damage. When dealing with appliances in your home that use water or the pipes that carry water, you need to let a professional take care of them. Water will find any crack or opening in which to escape.

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What are the advantages of water leak detection services?

You may be wondering what water leak detection services are and why would you even consider this service. Water leak detection services are extremely beneficial.

This includes:

Saving money. A leak no matter how small can cost you a lot of money. Your water bill will increase in ratio to the size of the leak. The cost of the leak in a pipe or line that constantly receives water can be enormous. If the leak is large enough, your bill could spiral out of control quickly.

Preventing larger leaks from occurring. A small leak can slowly grow into a much bigger leak or a burst pipe. By finding a leak early, you can avoid more significant problems later on. As water makes its way through a leak, the pressure will exploit the weaknesses in the material around the leak and make the space larger.

Avoiding further damage. Water can cause a lot of damage quickly. Water pipes are tucked behind the walls of your home and underneath the floors. When water begins leaking in these places, you might not notice it immediately. Once water begins to accumulate, the damage will begin. If the leak gets worse and your pipe bursts you could face damage to household furniture and belongings.

Saves hassles. If a leak goes untreated, you might end up with water pouring through your home. You will have to spend days with workmen coming in and out of your home. In some cases, they might need to tear apart wall or pulling up the floor. You might need to find a place to relocate during this time. Even if you can stay in your home, you will have to work around equipment and other obstacles.

When should you consider professional drain cleaning?

Slow draining water. If the water in your sink, tubs or showers begins to drain slowly, it is time for a professional drain cleaning. Overtime, dirt, gunk and hair can build up in your drains causing ever-growing blockages. Having your drains cleaned before you have a major blockage will save you time and money.

Odd smell. If there is a funny or bad smell coming from your drains or sinks, it is possible you have a blockage building and that is what you smell. It might be decaying food or other gunk caught in your pipes.

Clogs that do not go away. If you find yourself with large clogs that do not go away despite home remedies, a professional drain cleaning is necessary. Also, consider the occurrences of clogs. If you find yourself with clogs often, this service can help eliminate that problem.

If you suspect that your drains need professional drain cleaning, then call us and we can provide you immediate relief. We are here for you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Do you need a new water heater?

It may seem tricky to determine whether or not your water heater needs repairs or replacement, but we're here to help. Our professionals can inspect your unit and determine if you are need of any service. It is important that you become aware of the signs that will alert you of a problem.

Does your water heater…

Supply only cold water? If your unit stops putting out as much hot water as it normally does, you might need a new one. If the water does not get as hot as it used to get, it might be a sign that your unit is deteriorating.

Give off odd smells and colors? If your hot water has a metallic smell it might be a sign you need a new water heater. Pink or red hues in your water are a sign rust and minerals are building up inside your hot water heater as it begins to fail. This is the time to call in a professional.

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