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Have you considered remodelling your bathroom or kitchen? Professionals should install your faucets, fixtures, and sinks. We are up to date with building codes and can assist you in your plumbing needs. We provide free estimates with each call. You may reach us at (604) 828 8000. Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

Plumbing Services in Vancouver

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Have you started noticing leaks under your sink or from your faucet?

We at 911 Rooter provide professional services with certified plumbers. We install and repair faucets, sinks, and other fixtures.

When your fixtures have a problem

Most households and commercial properties in Metro Vancouver have high quality faucets and other fixtures installed. However, the fact remains that faucets and sinks get used throughout the day, and are often not used in the most optimal way. There will always be some fixture somewhere that will develop a problem over time.

Also, a leaking faucet or sink can show up at anytime. When that happens, call us immediately. We will send in our best plumbers to inspect the problem, and take a proper course of action.

Hard water

The most common reason your sinks and faucets develop problems is because of the hard water. It contains a lot of minerals that will react with metal and plastic, especially in the joints. That in turn will put a strain on your pipes and other parts of the plumbing system.

Since most homes in the region receive hard water, this is an all too common problem, but nothing that our professionals can fix. We always try to offer long term plumbing solutions to our valued clients.

When to replace a faucet?

Not all faucets need replacing every few years. Some work great for decades, while others don’t work properly a few months after a new installation. In general, you will want to replace your facet when:

  • The water pressure is too low on that faucet
  • The faucet drips and leaks even when you have closed it properly

Regular flow of hard water through the faucet can cause the metal to corrode over time. This results in thinning of the pipe walls, and this decreases the water pressure. In case of plastic pipes, the thinning occurs due to reaction with chlorine in the water supply. In either case, replacing the faucet is the most cost effective option.

If you notice any of the above problems, contact 911 Rooter as soon as you can. You can conveniently have our licenced technicians take a look at your faucets. We don’t always recommend a replacement, if the problem can be fixed more affordably.

When to replace your sink

Unlike the faucets, it more difficult to tell, when there are leakages in the sinks. Most of the cracks and leaks with the sinks occur at the bottom, where we do not look very often. However, when porcelain sinks develop even small cracks, water can leak to the wooden floorboards and cause bigger damages. They can also penetrate the beams in your walls, and weaken them over time.

We recommend that you check the bottom of your sink at least once a week to make sure that there are no leaks. That way, even if there is a leak, you will find it before it causes serious damage. Better yet, give us a call at 911 Rooter, and we will send in our plumbers to do a routine inspection of your fixtures, and make sure everything is working as it should.

Avoiding leaking faucets and sinks

The best way to avoid leaks from a new installation of faucets and sinks is to make sure that you get it done from professionals. Out plumbers in the Greater Vancouver area are experienced and are well-versed with the building codes. We always install new fixtures in the safest manner possible.

Another way you can avoid faucet leaks is by, turning on the handles for hot and cold water gently, rather than tugging at them hard. This way, you won’t loosen the foundation of the faucet, and cause it to leak. Children are always impatient, and they generally tend to tug hard on the faucets.

At 911 Rooter, we have hundreds of customers in this region who are very happy with our service, and have been with us for many years. You could also hire us to learn why we are rated as the most dependable plumbing services in the area. Do not forget contact us at the earliest signs of leakage, or lower water pressure in your faucets.

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