Why Drains Should Be Cleaned By Professionals?

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Keeping your drains clean and functioning is really important. Nothing is more frustrating than a clogged drainage system. It requires time to time cleaning by experts. Do you often clean your drains by yourself but it is still clogged and slow. That happens because you might not be using the right cleaning tools or the method is wrong.

Cleaning the drainage system of your house is not an easy job. If you try to do that by yourself you can end up with a broken pipeline or anything worse than that. Here are the benefits of contacting a professional plumbing service in Vancouver to clean your drains.

It Is Safe To Trust The Professionals

The most important thing is safety. Most of the drain cleaning products available in the market can cause major plumbing problems and plumbing emergencies. To avoid that you should always contact a pro plumber in Vancouver. Because when a professional is working you do not have to worry about safety factors – they know it all. The experts have the experience of dealing with difficult situations. So it is always a good idea to call a pro plumber to clean your drains, to avoid the plumbing problems and maintain the safety.

The Job Effect Will Be In Long Run

If you contact a professional plumber in Vancouver, you will definitely get a longer lasting effect than using store-bought products by yourself. Plus a professional service will surely avoid plumbing emergencies which can cause a lot of money and time. They will fix the issue and ensure the prevention of similar problems in near future. Yearly maintenance and checks might be required, but you will surely be saved from huge repairing expenditure soon again.

Be Assured Of Best Quality Work

When you will contact a professional plumbing service in Vancouver will definitely give you quality work. You are contacting an experienced team of experts, who will have the modern tools, years of experience and the right knowledge. They are trained to fix all kinds of plumbing troubles. These well-equipped experts will easily solve the complex problem of your drainage system. You will surely get the best results as compared to doing the troubleshooting yourself.

Right Materials At The Right Place

Often plumbing issues need sealing, fixing, joining and many such scenarios when sealant usage is needed. Or your bathroom drains might need replacing of the fixtures or the existing materials. As a novice, you should not try to buy those items over the counter as you would not know the correct size, details or even about the brand. Let the professionals give you the best possible solution for your drains. This will help you to save a lot of money and the work done will also be effective.

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How To Deal With Burst Pipes At Your Home

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Even after your best efforts, the pipes of your home can burst at any time. Doesn’t matter if you buy the best pipe available in the market, it still can burst for various reasons. And when this plumbing emergency happens, you should definitely call a trusted plumber in Vancouver. But what to do before that? So here is a step by step guide for you to take care of a burst pipe at your home before a plumber arrives.

Stop The Water Supply

The very first thing you need to do is, stop the main water supply. For doing that, you need to locate the stopcock and switch it off. Mostly stopcocks are located under the kitchen sink. Rotate the stopcock clockwise to stop the water supply. Every member of the house should know the location of the stopcock. Whenever you shift to a new house, always test the stopcock at least once because plumbing emergency like this can happen anytime.

Drain All The Water From Pipes

The next step is to drain all the pipes of them properly. To do that you need to run all the cold water taps at first. At that time, do not forget to switch off the hot water lines. Running all the cold water taps will drain all the cold water stored in your pipelines. After you are done with the cold water, turn on the hot water lines. Do the same. Run all the taps until it gets empty. Both the time, do not forget to flush all the toilets of your house. Flushing the toilets will help to drain all the water from the pipelines faster.

Take Care Of Electricity

If the leakage is closer to any electricity source, you should turn off the power source. Be careful. If the electricity line is wet, do not touch that. Wait for the plumber. But if it is not wet, turn off that immediately to avoid any accident. The best option is to shut down the main electricity source of your house.

Call A Professional Plumber

Now you are done from your side. It is time for professional help. Contact a plumbing service in Vancouver and wait for them to arrive. Do not try to fix the leakage by yourself. These things require professional service. When a plumber arrives, show him the leakage and leave the rest on him.

911 Rooter ( provides the best plumbing services in Vancouver. Whenever this kind of plumbing emergency happens, do not hesitate to contact them. They are one of the leading plumbing service providers in the greater Vancouver area promptly and at reasonable rates. They can fix all your pipeline and sewage troubles at a go and ensure safe drainage system in long run.

How is Professional Plumbing Helpful for Gas Pipe Installations?

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Gas piping is an important aspect that needs complete attention while installation and also post-installation on regular basis. Consider the help of a professional plumber in Vancouver whenever there is a need for any kind of installation, repair or replacement work of gas pipes. Just like other plumbing services, gas pipes also need proper installation to make the system efficient and leak proof.

Factors to Consider for Installation

If you are reconstructing your house or remodeling your kitchen, you will need to fix up the gas pipes for proper functioning with all safety measures intact. Keeping these factors in mind will help you to achieve a perfect solution for your home.

Professional Help is a Must

Installing a gas pipe or repairing it by yourself is a strict no-no. You should always consider professional plumbing services for this work because a small mistake may turn out to be very hazardous. Safety is the biggest concern while installing gas pipes. Gas leaks are highly flammable and therefore you need extra caution during installation. Professional plumbing services in Vancouver can help you to fix all your gas pipe needs without causing any unnecessary damage.

Pipes should be Corrosion Free

Gas pipes, in general, are made of copper owing to its properties of corrosion resistance and durability. Plastic pipes are put to use in smaller areas where flexibility is a must. If you are remodeling your house, hire a professional plumber to check for any rust formation in the gas pipes. Rusting may lead to fatal leaks and should be replaced with immediate effect.

Expansion of Appliances

When going for remodeling of the house, you should consider expanding the use of new appliances running on gas as opposed to the old electric ones. You can convert your old electric dryer with a new gas one or simply add a new furnace or a large commercial heater.

Gas appliances are both economical and eco-friendly and your plumber can suggest the use of inexpensive and easily available clean-burning natural gas. This will make your expansion furthermore affordable. Professional plumbers in Vancouver can help you with the expansion needs of the gas pipes in your house.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Help

Apart from the accurate installation and efficient working of the system, hiring professional plumbers can earn you other benefits too. They can assess the use of your current system to ensure whether it can take additional load.

In the case of renovation, they can help to set the new route of the pipes to suit your changes. Provide extensions for a new appliance that you may want to add to your house. Repair the current pipes to maintain proper and leak-proof functioning.

Whether you are constructing a new home or renovating your abode or just remodelling your kitchen, you can count on 911 Rooter for all services of gas pipes. We provide 24-hour plumbing services in Vancouver with expert technicians who are adept at their respective fields. Ranging from planned installations to emergency calls at midnight, we strive to provide guaranteed service with 100% customer satisfaction. Book your appointment with us and avail affordable services from the best plumbers in Vancouver.

When to Consider a Replacement or Repair for Your Garbage Disposal Unit?

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Modern kitchens are well equipped with all kinds of electrical and mechanical installments to make everyday life easy and functional. One such kitchen necessity is the garbage disposal which helps to keep the sink pipes free from blockages.

It is important to maintain the upkeep of the unit failing which you may need to call for professional assistance. Plumbing services in Vancouver provide fast and efficient services in the event of a breakdown. You may need help in the following situations.

Unfamiliar Sounds from the Unit

It is a very common situation where a spoon or any piece of your cutlery may fall into the disposal unit. It produces a loud clanking sound. But if there is no piece of cutlery and you still hear unusual sounds, it needs immediate attention. This may be due to misalignment of the blades or some other malfunctioning.

Unusual Clogging

While washing and cleaning of utensils it is advisable to throw away small amounts of food particles for the efficient working of the unit. If you notice clogging or blockage even after following the norms, it implies that either the system is working inefficiently or you need a higher capacity unit. Consulting with plumbers in Vancouver can help you sort out the problem.

Unpleasant Odors

After disposing all the remnants there can be a possibility of a mild odor. The wet food wastes cause certain odors but you can get rid of them by a detergent rinse at the end of the process. If the odor persists after cleansing and washing, you should seek professional help to check for any trapped food material. A thorough cleansing by professional plumbers can help you eliminate the odor completely.


Chances of leakages forming in the unit after a certain period of time are very large. The connecting points of the plumbing system are prone to some seepages when constantly in use for long. If you notice any dripping of water or puddles forming when the unit is in use, you should consult your plumber for checking of the garbage disposal.

Frequent use of the Reset Function

All garbage disposals come with a reset button which is put to use if there is any kind of malfunctioning. This may be due to clogging or overload of garbage. If the use of the reset button is repetitive, it indicates that the disposal unit needs service or is not in good shape.

Contact our technicians at 911 Rooter for any kind of plumbing emergency for fast and efficient troubleshooting. We provide value for money services through trained plumbers who are adept at diagnosing the cause and fixing it with immediate effect. We provide the best plumbing services in Vancouver with quality assurance and customer satisfaction as our main motto.

How to Fix the Problem of a Smelly Toilet?

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The foul smell that emanates from the clogged toilet drains can be vexing and the best way to fix it is with professional help. The nasty odor from the bathrooms is due to the ineffective cleaning techniques and clogged toilet drains. In order to keep your bathroom odor free and clean, you must ensure there are no blocked drains or pipes.  To get rid of the foul smell from your bathrooms, you could hire plumbing services in Vancouver and have your toilet drains cleared.

How to Get Rid of Stench from the Toilet?

Proper Ventilation is a Must: The first thing that you must do to keep your toilet free from fetid odor is to open all the windows. After taking your bath make sure the fan is switched on to avoid dew from building up with the help of moist air.

Blocked Drains Should be Cleared: The clogged toilet drains cause the fetid bathroom odor. Thus to make sure the toilet drains are clear, you can flush hot water down it. You could make the habit of turning the tap on for dislodging the dirt or debris stuck in the drains. In case all the DIY techniques fail, the only option remains is to call a professional plumber in Vancouver. These experts have the technical competence and tools to carry out the work promptly.

Look Out for Mold Build Up: Mold build-up could be a big reason for the stench of the bathroom. You must regularly look out for mold spots in your bathroom. Many times the mold is overlooked as it is confused with soot or dirt. You can call a plumber in Vancouver to carefully look for water pipe leakage in your bathroom.  Water leakage can lead to the development of mold in the bathroom under your sink or around the water pipes.

Regular Toilet Cleaning: You can keep the toilet clean by cleaning the toilet bowl, bathtub and shower and mopping the bathroom floor. Doing these tasks regularly can help you to avoid the buildup of nasty odor in your bathroom. An effective homemade remedy for cleaning your bathroom is a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.

Re-caulking of Tiles is Essential: Caulk can exist between the walls and tiles of a bathroom. With time it gets porous and absorbs the smell. After regular bathroom cleaning, if the odor persists, you should consider replacement of the old caulk.

For any issue related to your bathroom, you could avail the plumbing services of the 911 Rooter Company. It offers a plethora of services like drain cleaning, repiping, hydro jetting, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, fixing toilets, faucets, sewer lines, burst pipes etc. We even offer services such as

Repairing and detecting the water pipes, installation and repairing of the garbage disposal, unclogging the blocked drains and toilets etc. You can make use of the plumbing services of our efficient plumbers in Vancouver by calling up(604) 828 8000. We look forward to helping you promptly.

Why Prefer Professional Plumbers to DIY Solution?

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In the modern age, finding solutions to fixing various household problems is not a difficult task. Scores of videos are available on the Internet DIY techniques to help homeowners fix various household issues but in some problems, expertise is needed. Homeowners can solve the minor plumbing problems but in emergency plumbing situations or those issues requiring a high level of proficiency, it is necessary to hire the plumbing services in Vancouver.

Why is it Necessary to Hire the Services of the Professional Plumbers?

Technical Know-how: The professional problems are trained to handle all the complex plumbing issues. The homeowners can solve many of the plumbing issues such as blocked drains, leaking pipes etc. However, the professional plumbers are required to be hired to fix the various complicated plumbing tasks with competence. The professional plumbers in Vancouver have the expertise to detect the complex plumbing issues and thereby repair all the problems easily.

Profound Knowledge: The homeowners could provide a ‘temporary solution’ for fixing plumbing solutions such as the blocked drains by the replacement of the ‘pipe sections’. The plumbing experts would find out the root cause of the problem by carefully scrutinizing the ‘plumbing system’. On detection of the ‘underlying problem’, the professional plumber offers an effective remedy to the problem. A plumber in Vancouver could even offer useful suggestions on making better the ‘plumbing system’ of the house.

Timely Completion of the Plumbing Task: The ‘professional plumbers’ carry out a multitude of plumbing jobs at the same time for providing a quick fix to all the plumbing problems. On the other hand, the homeowners solve the problems one at a time and this could take up a lot of time.

Right Set of Equipment and Tools: The ‘professional plumbers’ have the right technical expertise as well as the tools for carrying out the task in a short span of time without causing any damage to a house’s piping system.

Professionalism: An expert plumber in Vancouver would perform the plumbing task effectively and provide the right guarantee for the work. The time-period for such a task could be around 90 days or 1 year. It is recommended to hire the professionals for carrying out the task as homeowners do not have the technical competence or the right tools.

For all kinds of plumbing issues, it is necessary to hire the services of the professional plumbers. The well-known 911 Rooter Company provides wall-to-wall plumbing services. We have an adept team of professional plumbers who have proficiency in solving all types of plumbing problems such as ‘faulty’ water heaters, leaking and cracked pipes, blocked kitchen drains etc.

The other services that we provide include hydro-cleaning, leakage of the water pipes, clearing of the clogged kitchen drains, repiping, leaking water pipe detection, toilet and kitchen remodeling etc. You could contact us by calling (604) 828 8000 and we would help you at the earliest.

How to Recover from Water Damage?

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Water damage can wreak havoc to any property. Water damaged property is not only unsalvageable but also results in the development of mold. The massive mess that develops due to water damage could be laborious to clean up. However, with a smart and quick action plan, you could make the recovery of water damage convenient.

Steps to Take for Quick Recovery from Massive Water Damage

Take Care of the Electrical Safety

When you are dealing with massive water damage near wiring or outlets, it is necessary for you to take into consideration the electrical safety. All your safety precautions should be in accordance with water damage. In case of the minor leaks that affect a small portion, you must shut all circuit breakers which power the outlets and wiring near the leakage. Widespread damage affecting several rooms due to the breaking of major pipes, shutting of the complete circuit panel is necessary.

Stop the Water Flow

If the flow of water is from a household plumbing, the damage may worsen every second. Thus it is essential to know the exact location of the ‘main water’ shut-off valve of your home to ensure you are able to completely turn it off. In your home, the valve could be in your basement near to the point the ‘main’ water supply reaches the home. If you are not sure of the location, you could take help from the competent plumbers in Vancouver.

The ‘shut-off’ valve could appear sticky of not used in a couple of years. To ensure it works when required, it is a good idea to try it out beforehand and grease all the threads with the lubricant when necessary. Thus if you have to turn the valve during the period of crisis, you do not have to struggle with it.

Covering Your Assets Is Essential

Once the risk of the water flow and electrical shock is eliminated, it is essential to call up the insurance company and report about the damage. It is essential to take the photographs of the damage caused by water before you begin to clean up.

Key Signs that Your Property Requires Repiping

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Repiping is the replacement of the old and damaged pipes with ‘new ones’. To make sure the work is done in the most effective way, it is required to hire adept plumbers in Vancouver. It is essential to consider a plethora of factors to ensure plumbing services in Vancouver is carried out properly. You must take into account the piping material, weather conditions and the cost for carrying out effectively the repiping procedure.

As the key purpose of the repiping procedure is replacing the supply lines which are worn out or damaged excessively, the first sign to consider for the purpose of repiping is the age of the piping. The other factors that indicate when repiping needs to be done is water pressure and the quality of water.

Signs to Watch Out for to Know When Repiping Needs to Be Done

  • Age of Property: One of the chief indicators that are in need for the purpose of repiping is the property age. If the property is more than 50 years of age and the piping have not been changed even once, it is essential to consider repiping. When it is about age, it is essential to do a thorough inspection of an exposed piping. Checking for the discoloration, stains, flaking, and leaks is essential as these are all corrosion signs and precedes widespread leaks. Frequent leaks indicate that repiping should be done on an urgent basis.
  • Water Quality: Other signs to consider whether repiping should be done or not is the quality of water, coloration, and smell of water. Any changes in the quality of water abruptly must be investigated for determining the source. More changes gradually could be as important. Water which has orange, brown or yellow tint has rust which comes from the piping of the corroding steel in a building. Water which has a rusty color or metallic taste indicates corroded ‘steel piping’.
  • Low Water Pressure: Low pressure of water is another sign that indicates that repiping is required. Over the passage of time mineral deposits and rust could restrict the water flow through the building. This slow movement of water through the pipes indicates they are old and needs replacement.

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Does Your Toilet Make Too Much Noise? – What To Do

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Toilet noises can be very annoying and these noises can be due to a variety of odd reasons. Often, these sounds are the indication of serious problems to come with your toilet which not only are harmful to the drainage system and the sewage system of the house but put your life at a hygienic risk. Here are some of the common noises made by toilets and the reasons behind them.

Post flush gurgle

Does your toilet roar as you flush it? Or does it looks really weak? It all can be because of drain pipe instead of the toilet as well. You need to notice if the sound comes from the toilet as you anticipated or whether it is audible whenever bathroom drain is used. Usually, when the toilet is at fault for the gurgle, it means that something is causing a blockage in the vent pipe.

Running water

Perhaps the most common problem faced in toilets is running water. It is due to a defective valve in the toilet flush. When the flush refills and the valve don’t close, you face this problem. This can lead to a huge wastage of water.


Have you ever noticed the banging sounds post tank refills? This sound is generated when the water hurries down the pipe and comes to an unexpected rest. This is called as “water hammer”. When the tank is full, the sound stops because of no left space to be filled and means that the water supply pipes of your toilet are waterlogged. This can be treated by draining the supply pipes by closing the water inputs and opening all the taps.

In order to fix all these problems, it is recommended to have professional help. This is because professionals have a thorough knowledge of this subject and have all the needed tools to fix the problems. It can be a tedious process to fix drain and water supply related issues and might not lead to any fruitful results.

Even after fixing the issues yourself, you cannot be assured of them to stay fixed for a long period of time. Once fixing these issues with the help of professionals might seem expensive but is an investment for a long term as once all the water systems are fixed well, it stays that way as assured by them.

If you are in search of plumbing services in Vancouver, 911 Rooters is the one for you. We provide professional plumbers in Vancouver for services such as plumbing emergencies, water heating issues, drain cleaning, replacing of pipes in the water system and a lot more. Call us at (604) 828 8000. Customer’s satisfaction is our primary priority.

Why Professionally Cleaned Drains Are Preferred?

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Life is full of unfortunate realities and one of them is clogged drains. Occasionally faced by everyone, clogged drains are a bane to life and can bring very unhygienic if not treated wisely and at the right time. Nonetheless, people deal with clogs in a wrong manner. In an average household, clogs are dealt with easy to access drain cleaner available at stores. That’s where the problem lies. Here are some reasons why you should always contact a professional to fix the drain clogs.

Complications Of Drain Cleaners Available At Stores

Store available drain cleaners contain chemicals that are corrosive in nature. It means that they are capable of damaging everything that causes the clog. This is the main reason why drain cleaners are so effective and this is also the reason why you should not use them.

While damaging the blockage, they also tend to damage the drainage pipes and continued use of these drain cleaners can harm it to the extent where the pipes will start to leak and the only solution left would be to change the pipes. Drain cleaners are also harmful to humans and animals. Any careless act can lead to accidents that can cause fatal injuries.

Why Professional Help Is The Best Solution?

Professional plumbers are the best solution to clogged drains because they are well aware of the situation and the harms caused by drain cleaners. Plumbers do not use any corrosive chemicals to unclog the drains; rather they do it using more effective and less harmful methods like drain snaking.

Drain snaking is an orthodox solution drain clogs. It is the process of unclogging the drains using a long cord which pokes and removes the blockage from the pipes. Another popular option is hydro-jetting. An omnidirectional sprinkler is attached to a narrow hose and it sprays water at a very high pressure, breaking and removing all the waste build ups in the pipe. This process is very widely used as it removes the blockage and also prevents any clogs in the near future.

Professional plumbers are capable of unclogging the drainage system faster and in a more effective way than you can. Some people think that it is an expensive service but it is a long-term investment and you also save more money as the pipes are not corroded by the chemicals anymore.

Need professional plumbers in Vancouver? Contact 911 Rooter for any services related to plumbing. From scheduled drain cleaning to plumbing emergencies, 911 Rooter has a solution to it all. We offer a range of plumbing services in Vancouver such as Kitchen/bathroom remodeling, installation of waste disposal systems, repairing of toilets, pipes and much more. Contact us at (604) 828 8000. Our vital goal is customer satisfaction and it would be a pleasure to help you.