Common Plumbing Tips the Plumbing Services Want You to Know

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Is dripping faucets, clogged sewer pipes, or low water pressure bothering you lately? You are probably ready to summon professional services in Vancouver, and with a good reason. Being a homeowner, you might lack basic plumbing skills. However, this can turn things worse towards the end by triggering personal damage amounting to thousands of dollars. But worry not, here are some of the expert-suggested plumbing tips that every plumber services want you to know.

Know Where the Shut-Off Valves are Located

Before moving into a new property, it is important to educate yourself about the main shut-off valve location and the drain. You must also familiarize yourself with the access points of the sewer line, in case you have to execute periodic cleanouts. You must understand that the condos and the apartments might not have their committed shut-off valves.

Avoid Puncturing Pipes

Have you decided to drill holes or pound the nails into your ceiling, floors, or walls? First, take into account if there are any drainage pipes or supply behind your area of work since you wouldn’t want to puncture them. You might succeed in locating the pipes behind the walls with a cheap stud finder. You can, however, also hire one of the plumbers in Vancouver to do the job for you.

Look Out for what is Flushable

Avoid using your toilet as a trash can, like flushing, the non-flushable items can lead to serious clogs. Even something as puny baby wipes can clog the system and insist you summon a plumber in Vancouver to resolve the issue.

Say ‘No’ to Putting Garbage down your Drain

Avoid dumping stuff like starchy foods i.e.- potatoes or rice, vegetable peels, bacon grease, food debris, and coffee grounds down the kitchen drain as they would clog the pipes and lead to a plumbing emergency. It would also be wise of you to go through the manufacturer’s manual meticulously for the garbage disposal to understand what amount the unit can handle.

Pull the Vacuum

When you are putting efforts to dislodge a clog done by small hard objects like combs, toothbrushes, or a child’s toy, always trust in a wet-dry vacuum. It is always an effective and convenient tool to suck out objects. A plunger would only push things deeper into the drain, making it problematic to remove.

With the right information and knowledge, you can succeed in resolving the basic plumbing issues like a professional. Just follow these tips and

Save yourself from all the hassles and schedule a plumber visit today to enjoy an uninterrupted plumbing system at home. One of the most reliable and leading plumbing professional services in Vancouver is 911 Rooter plumbing and Drainage Experts.

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Why You Must Replace Your Plumbing System Today?

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The plumbing in your house serves as one of the key components. There comes a time when replacing the plumbing becomes quite a necessity. Replacing the plumbing services in Vancouver depends on the extent of the renovation and remodeling projects that you wish to undertake. While you have probably prioritized your efforts in the bathroom or the kitchen, do not skip the pipes.

Old Plumbing Can Cause Havoc

As mentioned earlier, the pipes in your house would grow old and would demand either a replacement or a repair. Although the pipes are made to stand the test of time, you need to take into account the plumbing emergency that is simply not in your hands, like for instance a tree root invasions or water main breaks in your locality.

Pipes aren’t designed to last beyond 50 years. However, the galvanized and copper pipes are built to have a longer shelf life than that, but even they falter. The poor quality of water will wear out over time. The old plumbing can also stop working, therefore imposing more damage to your home than you can ever imagine.

Aging Pipes Need Replacement

If you have aging pipes in your house, do not leave them there. Though you might consider that by solely putting the chemical drain cleaners into use, you can keep away from problems, but in the long run, they would turn matters worse. The lead pipes introduced polybutylene now are also running behind the time and calls for replacement. So wait no further, and get in touch with a plumber in Vancouver today to address the issues and resolve them as soon as you can for smooth plumbing in your house.

Water Leaks Trigger Serious Problems

In addition to water hammer issues and other similar problems, your pipes might be the sole reason behind multiple annoyances and you wouldn’t even understand it. Water pressure can be the culprit, especially if someone attempts to flush the toilet or decides the open the dishwasher tap while you are under the shower. The dirt and rust can contaminate the water and turn them nasty, even if the water is clean when entering your home’s system. Look out for such leaks, as well.

The Draining System

The drainage system is responsible for letting in contaminated water to drain into the septic tanks. The entire contaminated water is carried by the drainage system to sewer, and your house is left in a hygiene condition. The house plumbing needs routine maintenance and replacement when the need arises for optimal water flow in the potable water and drainage water systems.

Though replacing house plumbing can be done by oneself, but it can be quite an expensive affair. So hiring professional plumbers in Vancouver is always a good idea. If you are seeking an expert plumbing service, look no beyond than 911 Rooter Plumbing and Drainage Experts. We are a group of extremely skilled, licensed, and certified plumbing service providers based in Vancouver. Our company was built on the principle of transparent business dealings, cost-effective approach, and long-term solutions. Get in touch with us at (604) 828 8000 for all kinds of plumbing needs and we shall address them as our priority.


How To Maintain Social Distancing When Opting For Plumbing Services?

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In the present situation, the world is facing a deadly pandemic. The outbreak of COVID-19 has pushed the world and confined it within the walls of our homes. Working from home and observing social distancing has become a necessity. But, it comes with certain challenges. Quarantine days mean a house full of people and that puts a lot of strain on your plumbing system. You might wonder if you can call up for a plumber in Vancouver while maintaining the protocols of social distancing. Keep reading this blog to know how to do it safely.

The professional plumbing services in Vancouver are keeping their services available so that your home-quarantine days do not get bothered by plumbing issues. The essential plumbing services are fully operational and the plumbers are serious about maintaining all the safety precautions. A little effort on safety from your end added to this can ensure complete safeguarding of yourself and the community.

Performing Essential Plumbing Services Safely in Vancouver

When you are opting for plumbing services in Vancouver from the first-grade agencies, you can be assured of their strict adherence to the highest standards of safety guidelines in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. They are trained to maintain the hygiene and social-distancing protocols at all times – before, during, and after they visit your home. Special care is maintained in following the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)  guidelines to resist the spread of this deadly virus. The precautions include the following points:

  • Wearing additional equipment for protection.
  • Observation of physical and social distancing.
  • Cleansing the hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Usage of hand sanitizers.
  • Using disinfectants at Ebert touchpoints on vehicles, workspace, and equipment to ensure all-round cleanliness.
  • Using sanitizing devices like tablets and clipboards frequently.

When you call for the plumbers in Vancouver, they will get in touch with you before their appointment. This way they assess if there are any chances of exposure. The essential services get done quickly with minimum risks of contamination. If you have a situation at your home, especially if it is related to COVID-19, you must inform your plumber in advance. Never hide facts from them, because the best plumbers of Vancouver work with you diligently to decide the best course of action.

Take good care of your plumbing by yourself. Follow the basic guidelines of proper plumbing and toilet usage habits. Follow our blog page for more information about plumbing tips and basic DIY fixes.

911 Rooter Plumbing and Drainage Experts provide superior quality plumbing solutions at reasonable prices. Call us today for an appointment to get your plumbing fixed safely and without any risks of COVID-19 contamination.

How To Check For Sewer Line Clogs?

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Nine out of ten homeowners have experienced the problem of drain clogging at some point in time. Most of those clogs are easy to fix but some are tricky. But the real problem occurs when every drain around the household begins to back up at once. In this case, you can assume that you are dealing with a clog in your sewer line. Since this problem is a grave one, the best plumbers in Vancouver bring this blog to let you know a few basic stuff about it. Go through the following lines to equip yourself with the knowledge about sewer line clogs and know how to check for the same.

Most Frequent Causes Of Sewer Line Clogs

A lot of factors can cause clogging of your sewer line. The most common ones include the following:

  • Damaged Sewer Line – the sewer line sustains damage over time. It can develop cracks, get corroded, sagged, and begin to fail. Such problems are more likely to happen if your sewer lines are more than twenty years old. Damaged sewer lines start to accumulate dirt and other debris. Over time the deposits turn to thick layers and prevent the flow of wastewater, resulting in clogs.
  • Tree Roots – trees growing around often harm the sewer pipes. Their roots can reach the sewer line and make their way inside the pipes. If your sewer pipes are aged and cracked the chances of tree roots intrusion are even higher. This can interrupt the free flow of wastewater and ultimately result in tricky clogs. Full blockage causing a plumbing emergency is also possible in such conditions.
  • The Toilets and Garbage Disposal – you must use the toilets and garbage disposal at your home just the way they are meant to be used. Treating them like trash cans must be avoided. Do not flush down anything that is not supposed to be flushed. Also, you should not throw all kitchen wastes such as food remnants into the disposal. This leads to clogs in the pipes.

Signs Of Clogs In The Sewer Line

You should keep an eye out for the signs of sewer line clogs. Whenever you notice any of the signs mentioned below, call for professional plumbers in Vancouver for help to avoid the risks of a plumbing emergency:

  • Slow drainage in more than one outlet.
  • Bubbling or gurgling in the toilets.
  • Wastewater backing in a plumbing fixture while using other fixtures.
  • Foul odors coming from the drains.
  • Patches of water in your yard that cannot be explained during dry weather.

Whenever you encounter any of the above warning signs, get in touch with our professional plumbers at 911 Rooter Plumbing and Drainage Experts. We provide the best plumbing service in Vancouver at fair prices for your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to know more.



Common Plumbing Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Taking care of the home plumbing by yourself can help you make savings and also enjoy working on up keeping of your home. However, even minute mistakes regarding the work can end up in a plumbing emergency ultimately costing you a lot of time, money, and effort. Small errors often lead to grave consequences, thus, you should know some basic tips to avoid the most common plumbing mistakes while taking care of the work all by yourself.

This blog tells you about the most frequently happening errors and how to avoid them. So keep reading to arm yourself with the power of information. With these tips, you are very less likely to make any common DIY plumbing mistakes.

  • Avoid Using Too Much Drain Cleaners

Commercial drain cleaners can be effective for getting rid of clogs and cleaning the built-up residue. However, the best plumbers in Vancouver advise not to use too much of such cleaners. These products when used too much can do serious damage to the drains.  They usually include harsh chemicals. Though they are effective on the build-ups, overuse can take its toll on metal or PVC as well.

You can consider using milder products like pipe snake or use half cup vinegar followed by the same amount of baking soda and then pour some boiling water after an hour.

  • Do Not Leave Outside Hose Connected In Winter

This is one thing to remember, as every plumber in Vancouver advises. Most of the time you can end up leaving the garden hose connected to a faucet outside. Though it is okay in the summertime, you should not do the same during the winter. This can cause the water lines to freeze due to dropping temperature and ultimately the pipes would burst open. Such an incident will cost you a lot to fix.

Always remember to disconnect the hoses outside before the winter sets in with its freezing fangs of cold. You can turn off the supply to outside taps as well if they have a shutoff.

  • Turn Off Water

The first rule of DIY plumbing is to turn off the water. Pay attention to it as forgetting to turn off the water is easy if it’s not a leak you are dealing with or running short on time. Even in case of minor repairs, you must always shut it off from the valve.

The worst thing that can happen from forgetting it is a flood that washes down your house. Even l at its best, your pipes can receive damage and you end up with a mess on the floor.

These are only a few tips. If you wish to learn more about the professional advice, get in touch with 911 Rooter, the best plumbing service provider in Vancouver. We provide the best service at an amazing price to address all your needs from fixing a tap to fixing any plumbing emergency.


Effective Ways To Fix An Airlock In Pipes

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Breaking an airlock apart in your plumbing can be very frustrating. Airlocks can stop the free flow of water through the entire plumbing system due to the occurrence of air bubbles. Worst case scenario, you will end up with clogs and jams causing serious problems such as an overflow. However, there are ways to deal with such an issue efficiently and quickly.

This blog is dedicated to teaching you the best and effective methods suggested by the top professional plumbers in Vancouver. Keep reading the following points to know how to get an airlock sorted for good and free up your pipes for free-flowing water. The methods are easy to understand and implement this, you can do it yourself without calling for the plumbing services in Vancouver.

The Methods

Use A Hosepipe

Using a hosepipe is one of the easiest ways to deal with an airlock. All you have to do is to attach a hosepipe to the tap suffering from the airlock and connect the other end of the pipe to a tap which is functioning fine. After connecting the problematic valve with a functioning one, make sure the seals around both ends are intact. Pull up the ends as tightly as possible and turn on the faulty tap. Once it is open, turn on the working tap.

Water will fill up in the pipe and put pressure on the tap with airlock. This pressure helps to break off the airlock in a few minutes. After some time, remove the pipe and try the tap. If it isn’t fixed, try the process again. If it still does not work, there are still more methods you can try by yourself!

Opening All The Faucets

This process requires no tools or special skills at all. You can try and fix an airlock by opening up all the faucets you have at home simultaneously. This creates an increased water pressure within the pipelines. This pressure can shake off and break the problematic airlock.

Run the water from every faucet including the sink taps, showerheads, and all for a few minutes. This way you can deal with any airlock even at the areas hard to reach.

Bleeding The Radiator

If there is an airlock in your boiler, you should bleed out all the radiators at your home. First, go to your basement and turn the boiler off. Then go up and open every radiator at the same time. Start with the first one and continue up the line. Remember to close the return valve once done bleeding. Now, go back to the first radiator and open all the ones in line. Your airlock must be broken by now.

These are the top three ways to break up an airlock. However, if they don’t work, feel free to call us for professional help. Also in case of any plumbing emergency, call 911 Rooter, the best plumbing services in Vancouver immediately, and let us help you out.



What Are The Situations When You Need Plumbing Emergency Services?

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At times, the things we take most for granted lie right below our feet. Since the advent of Roman civilization, the world has relied heavily on running water. To be frank, most plumbing issues are preventable with periodic maintenance and check-ups, just like automobiles.

But unfortunately, water pipes and drains don’t come equipped with a “check engine” light. This is the reason that homeowners don’t realize they have a plumbing issue until they are standing in a cold shower. So here are some situations when you need to call plumbers in Vancouver.

Burst Pipes

Pipes are one of the most crucial plumbing fixtures. They ensure the proper flow of water to all the concerned areas of the house. But various factors can affect the longevity of the pipes. Quality, improper handling, and accidents are primarily responsible for the bursting of tubes in a household.

Also, pipes may be damaged due to the result of the freezing and thawing process of water, which occurs during winters. This is usually an emergency plumbing situation that needs the intervention of professional plumbers.

Clogged Toilets

This is probably one of the messiest plumbing emergencies. If your toilet is emitting strange noises or is not flushing, something is seriously wrong. It is usually recommended to refrain from trying DIY techniques to solve the issue. Though using a plunger may solve your problem, but the big question would remain. Moreover, using a plunger can also cause structural damage. Therefore the issue should be handled only by an experienced professional.

Leaks in Water Heater

Noticing puddles of water in the surroundings of your water indicates a leak that needs serious attention. In usual conditions, water around a heater is the result of the condensation process. However, if this is a frequent occurrence, you need to call an emergency plumber in Vancouver. A faulty and leaking water heater not only decreases the supply of the water heater, but it also adds to your bills.  Moreover, leaks can also damage the heater and render it useless.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are perhaps one of the most dangerous and emergencies in which you have to call a plumber. In the vent of the gas leak, don’t try tricks of your own. This can further aggravate the problem and may also result in life-threatening injuries. An emergency plumber is ideal for these types of situations. They would help identify the reasons for the leak and suggest possible solutions.

For a considerable period of time, 911 Rooter is providing emergency plumbing services in the Vancouver area. Their plumbing services cater to residential spaces, commercial establishments and showrooms. They provide high-quality services at reasonable costs. Due to their dedication and cost-effective services, they are one of the most well-known emergency plumbers.

Which Are The Basic Plumbing Tricks One Should Know?

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Are you dealing with low water pressure, a dripping faucet, or clogged pipe? Then you are probably tempted to hire the professional plumber, and with good reason. But not every time you can make a deal with a skilled plumber. So, in order to save yourself from the dilemma of calling an experienced and reputed plumber for every issue, take a look at a few basic plumbing tricks you should know. Selecting the plumbing services in Vancouver will ensure quality service.

  1. Testing the Water Quality

The water testing kit can be bought from any of the local suppliers. You will be able to find one at a variety of costs, from the inexpensive ones to the higher end ones. You need to ensure that you check the kit thoroughly that this provides the checks that you want to run. The plumbing emergency can arise anytime, and you will have to be prepared for every situation.

  1. Locating and Turning Off the Water Main

Knowing the location of water main is beneficial in case of water leaks or any other emergencies. It will help you to understand where to go and what to do when your home is flooding with water coming from all sides because of a leak. You can also take the suggestions from plumbing services in Vancouver regarding locating and turning off the water main.

  1. Scrutinizing the Water Bill and Meter

If you use city water, then there is a meter for it somewhere near the street, or maybe there is a meter for it near your house. You will have to locate that meter and understand how to read the usage. This will assist you to monitor your usage and keep the expense under control.

  1. Adjusting the Water Pressure

Checking the water pressure regulator in your house is important. There are chances that you find that near the main water cutoff valve. This mainly has a screwed-on cover, which you should turn to adjust the pressure. Slowly turn the knob clockwise to increase pressure and in the opposite direction to decrease it.

  1. Testing Water Pressure

Plumbers in Vancouver suggest you test the water pressure, which is one of the basic plumbing tricks. You will be able to hold on your own for quite some time if you know these six tips.

We at 911 Rooter make sure that our potential customers can avail of the impeccable results and solutions. We have a skilled and experienced team of plumbers that can help you with any plumbing emergency, which you may be struggling with. To know more about the 911 Rooter plumbing service, you can get in touch with us at

Times When Calling A Plumbing Service Is Necessary

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Some people often overlook one or the other plumbing emergency in the house. The reason might be indifference or the sheer lack of knowledge about the seriousness of the problem. Either way, it is necessary to know when a plumbing service is crucial to be called in for resolving a problem.

Most of the some of the simpler problems like leaky faucets or basin pipes can be resolved on one’s own. However, when it comes to some of the bigger problems it is better to call in some plumbing help for inspection and repair or maintenance.

Water Flooding In the House

The biggest severity in plumbing problems surely is the problem of flooding. Flooding in any part of the house can be very dangerous and harmful to the house. It is a belief among the plumbers in Vancouver that water flooding in houses can prove to be very risky for the residents. Any electric failure in the area with the water flooding can lead to disastrous outcomes. Moreover, stagnant water can cause property damage due to the collection of dirty water.

Water in Walls and Ceilings

One example of a water-related issue that cannot be ignored is the collection of water in the water and ceilings. This water clogging can result from a leak in the plumbing lines or water lines running through it. This can cause water damage to the walls or ceilings like seepage or molds.

Issues with the Piping

Pipes are like the arteries of the house maintaining the water flow of the house all day long. The flow of water must remain uninterrupted to make sure that no issue related to water leaks or clogs arises. The most common reason behind any water clogging, flooding or leaks is the damage of pipes due to ruptures or cracks.

 Overflowing Toilets

Toilets or bathrooms are one of the most common places where any plumbing related problem might arise apart from the kitchen. One problem that is impossible to overlook is the overflowing toilet. This can cause flooding of the bathroom and a lot of water damage to the region.

Contact the Plumbing Services

In case one faces any one of these problems in their house it is a wise idea to call the plumbers in Vancouver and get the problem fixed. Inspection by the plumbers can help determine the extent of damage that has already occurred. Moreover, they can repair and resolve the issue to avoid any further damage as well.


We at 911 Rooter make sure that our customers can impeccable results and solutions for their plumbing emergency. We have made our name as one of the best plumbing services in Vancouver because of our attention toward customer satisfaction. Our service affordable is also up to mark with the market rates and prices.

Rules Of Thumb to Follow In a Plumbing Emergency

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Plumbing emergencies can be very annoying when one has no idea how to tackle them. Water and plumbing issues around the house can turn out to be really hard problems to resolve. More often than not it becomes essential to call plumbing services in Vancouver to get rid of these problems. There are a few things that one can do before calling in a plumber to make their work a little easier and quicker.

Turn the Water Supply Off

The most basic thing to do is turning off the main water supply for the house. This makes sure that when the plumber arrives to inspect the issue he won’t have to empty the water supply first. Doing this might even bring some ignored leaks into the limelight.

Check for Leaks

One thing to do before turning the water supply off is checking out all taps and water outlets for leaks. The leaks in different parts of the house can cause a lot of water wastage and consequent water damage. It is even possible to try tightening up the faucets to check if a loose faucet is causing the leak.


Look At the Water Heater System

The water heating system of the house is connected to the main water supply to maintain a supply of hot water along with room temperature water. By turning off the main water supply the water flow to this heating system gets interrupted. To avoid overheating the system and bursting up eventually it is a good idea to turn it off as well.


Get Rid Of Water Still In the Pipes

After the main water supply is off there are chances that the pipes leading the water to the house still have some water in it. It is advisable to empty these pipes and water lines from the main supply as well. Any excess water in the lines might hinder the checking and inspection by plumbers in Vancouver who come to check and repair any plumbing issues in the house.


Call for Plumbing Help

After observing all the necessary first aid against any plumbing emergency it is time to find a plumbing service. The most efficient way to find a plumbing service is through the internet. There is information available about many of the effective plumbing services available on the internet. All one needs to do is check out their online reviews and services offered to find the one that suits their needs in the best way.


We at 911 Rooter make sure to provide all the necessary assistance to our clients in times of need. Our efficient team of plumbers in Vancouver ensures the top-quality maintenance and repair works for our customers any time they need us.